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Are you ready to buy, or waiting out the recession?

I would love it if you all would please post on my website your thoughts on the economic conditions so that I and others can have your input in regards to purchasing homes while the economy is in a recession. In this real estate market there are positives and negatives regarding buying or selling a home.

On the good side first-time home buyers have the same advantage they have always had, which is that they do not have to sell their old place before buying a new one.  This purchase is a positive for the economy, plus once the first-time home buyer purchases the home it leaves the door open for the seller to move on or up to a larger home which continues to help stimulate the economy.

Unfortunately for sellers home prices have dropped significantly especially with all the foreclosures and short sales on the market.  Depending on where the home is located it may be a few years before home prices begin to move in an upward direction.

Post to me your thoughts!  Also, keep working on your credit score and saving towards your new home. (http://www NULL.pattimace,  or (patti null@null pattimace

hope to hear from you all….


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