Changes to HISD magnet program postponed

Changes to the HISDs magnet program have been put on hold.With a significant budget deficit to deal with, the Houston Independent School District says it is tabling all discussion about changes to the district's magnet program until later this fall, after the budget for the next school year has been adopted.In a letter, HISD Superintendent Terry Grier told trustees that while problems do exist with the magnet program, officials would revisit the issue later this year, and present an updated plan to the community at that time.”Our most pressing priority today must be the HISD budget and ensuring that we get the funding we need to provide our students with a quality education,” Grier wrote.The district is currently facing a budget shortfall of roughly $170 million, and needs to adopt a budget for next school year by the end of June.Last week, Grier proposed a widespread overhaul of the district's magnet school program which would have removed the magnet designation for 25 schools, giving less bus funding for those Houston neighborhoods.

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