Historic preservation rules causing controversy again

Some residents are against the city's historic neighborhood desiginations.While the city's tougher historic preservation rules were passed into law six months ago, the owners of many Houston homes are still upset about the rules, which they say have stripped them of their rights.The new ordinances banned demolitions in the 16 historic districts around the city, prevented many alterations to existing homes and detailed the procedure for districts to drop their historic designation. Some residents have said the new regulations have made it difficult for people in those districts to sell their properties.”The problem is that people do not want to deal with the city or historic districts,” resident Ann Macaluso told KHOU. “The problem is the city is keeping us from selling our property.”Preservationists told the station that designating the area as a historic district helps increase property values because it prevents the negative impact of any new development.City council members are currently considering applications of three neighborhoods looking to be designated historic districts: Glenbrook Valley, Woodland Heights and Heights South. A decision is expected within the next few weeks.

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