Prices near Bay City may struggle following Japanese nuclear crisis

The crisis in Japan may make an impact here at home.Housing analysts say the prices of residential properties in and around Bay City may struggle over the next several months, as the recent Japanese tsunami and nuclear crisis may cause hesitation among some potential buyers.Reuters reports that the continuing issues in Japan have stirred a great deal of uncertainty in the minds of some people.Economists told the source that this will likely lead to a temporary drop in prices – two to three years at the most – before the stigma of the reactor will fully fade away. Real estate agents say that while some may be concerned, other prospective buyers aren't dissuaded at all.”Yes, some people will come here now and think it could happen here and be less interested, but I think it will be very temporary,” Cynthia Lippolis, a New York real estate broker with properties near the Indian Point power plant, told the source.The two nuclear reactors near Bay City have both been operating since the late 1980s. CNNMoney reports that despite the recent crisis in Japan, Bay City residents have spoken in favor of a proposal to add two additional reactors.Courtesy of 2M Realty News?

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