Housing market hurting job seekers

The idea of moving is tougher for people having a hard time selling their homes.With low home prices in many parts of the country hindering many families who might try to sell, USA Today reports a domino effect is being seen throughout the jobs market.Many current employees are turning down relocations, with 69 percent of those decisions forced because of concerns about their home or mortgage, according to a recent survey by Atlas Van Lines. That's more than double the 30 percent ratio seen in 2006.At the same time, those who are willing to move for a job are having a more difficult time as well. The paper says many companies are choosing not to consider applicants who would need to sell a home, because the process could be too time consuming to make hiring that person worthwhile.While local jobs and the prices of Houston homes have remained fairly stable, the dual issues may still be causing problems for many families.However, continued job growth should help increase sales and fortify the market's positive movement. Today's CareerBuilder hiring outlook report showed that hiring trends were at their strongest in three years during the past quarter.Courtesy of 2M Realty News?

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