Survey finds Houstonians are optimistic

Local residents feel Houston is a good place to be.A new survey of local residents finds that the overwhelming majority of those living in Houston properties feel they are better off than those in other parts of the country.According to the Kinder Houston Area Survey conducted by Rice University, 90 percent of Houstonians feel that the city is in better shape than others nationwide. In addition, 26 percent said their financial situations were improving, up from just 20 percent a year ago.”Houstonians clearly feel that the bleeding has stopped, but a robust recovery is not yet on the horizon,” said survey author Stephen Klineberg, co-director of the Kinder Institute. “They are worried about the American future, but they're feeling better about Houston.”The survey also found that many local residents would prefer living in the urban parts of the area, with 52 percent saying they'd prefer to stay in an area with predominantly single-family Houston properties.Home price stability also gives residents a reason to feel good about the local real estate market. While home values have plunged in some parts of the country, in Houston, the Federal Housing Finance Agency says they have increased by 14 percent over the past five years.Courtesy of 2M Realty News?

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