Houston real estate market to receive boost from healthcare facilities

More hospital developments could boost Houston's commercial real estate market.According to a recent Biz Journals report, Houston's real estate market could soon be assisted by a rising number of commercial properties.The article's author, Jennifer Dawson, recently spoke with Mark Henderson, a member of HOK, a local architecture firm. Henderson relayed that healthcare facilites are going to become smaller and more efficient. Furthermore, he predicted that a significant number of these facilities will begin popping up around Houston.These small centers will include comprehensive care centers, as well as emergency departments and other medical facilities.The increasing number of these facilities in Houston is not a surprise, however, as several recent reports have detailed the region's popularity in regards to commercial properties. ExxonMobil recently announced its plan to house a large campus in Northern Houston. Furthermore, a recent CoStar Group stated that, along with Dallas, Denver and Minneapolis, Houston is among the most popular locations for new commercial properties.This real estate trend is especially helpful for the region's workforce, as more office buildings can potentially lead to more available jobs.Courtesy of 2M Realty News?

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