NASA to lay off 1,000 workers in Houston area

The end of a NASA program could mean no more jobs for 1,000 Houston workers.According to a recent report from The Friendswood Journal, Houston will continue to experienced fluctuations in its job market.The report relayed that NASA will lay off as many as 3,000 workers, including 1,000 located in its Johnson Space Center in Houston. The layoffs are a result of the company's space shuttle program coming to an end. After the last shuttle mission takes place next month, Boeing and United Space Alliance both plan to let workers go.Aerospace industry experts estimate that nearly 7,000 workers have already been let go, including 2,000 in Houston. A Boeing spokesperson relayed that the company has given close to 510 employees in its Space Exploration Division a 60-day layoff notice.”The notices include an estimated 260 employees in the Houston area, 150 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and 100 at Boeing's Huntington Beach, California, facility,” the Boeing representative recently said. “The last workday for affected employees will be August 5, pending completion of the final space shuttle mission, STS-135.”The Houston real estate market could suffer as a result of the region's recent job fluctuation. While NASA will let up to 1,000 workers go, United plans to cut as many as 1,500 jobs soon. In addition a recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics relayed that the region's financial sector laid off nearly 46,000 employees during the last three years.?Courtesy of 2M Realty News

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