Houston not among best places for summer jobs

Houston is not among the best places to get a summer job.According to a recent article in The Daily Beast, Houston is not an ideal spot to relocate to for a summer job.The article compiled a list of the 25 best cities for summer jobs after surveying 100 of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. The list was further narrowed by factoring in the unemployment rate of those between the ages of 16 and 24, as well as minimum wage laws.During 2010, just under 50 percent of those in this age bracket were employed, which represents the lowest level ever recorded by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.Portland, Maine, Des Moines, Knoxville, Tulsa and Madison, Wisconsin topped the publications' list. However, Houston was not named among the top 25, despite its recent labor improvements.While recent reports have relayed job loss in the region, a Metrostudy report in February found Houston had added 50,000 jobs year-over-year. However, with fewer younger people interested in the area, the Houston real estate market could potentially take a hit, especially in the rental sector.Courtesy of 2M Realty News?

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