More layoffs expected in Houston

The closing of Houston's shuttle program will result in at least 2,000 layoffs.According to a recent report from KHOU 11 News, more Houston residents could soon be out of work.The report relays that NASA will soon let more than 2,000 workers go as the region's center is shutting down its shuttle program this summer. In the suburb of Clear Lake, which offers spectacular waterfront views and optimal boating landscape, many of these workers will now have to look elsewhere for employment.The company has already let a similar number of workers go in preparation for the program's dismissal. Now, engineers, technicians and administrators must search for applicable positions in the area, which could result in massive shifts for the Houston real estate market.In addition to hitting home, the layoffs are affecting local schools, as many children are now in need of free lunches and counseling, the report states.Despite the sad news, the region does have reason for some optimism. Oil companies in the area have continued to experience success and many are now looking to hire engineers. Furthermore, many of the skills required for shuttles are similar to those necessary in the oil industry. Thus, while many might be looking for work soon, many might not have to look that far.Courtesy of 2M Realty News?

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