Pep Boys eyeing Houston properties for expansion

Pep Boys is expanding into Houston, possibly creating more jobs and real estate interest.While one major program in the region is shutting down, the Houston real estate market might receive a boost from a popular car shop.According to a recent article from Tire Business, Pep Boys is currently eyeing Houston for potential expansion following its acquisition of seven My Mechanic auto repair stores located in the Houston metro area. Executives claim the move is the first of many in its aggressive growth strategy.The Philadelphia-based company currently has one service and tire center in Houston and plans to have four for five more Supercenters and 15 additional service centers, the report relays.Pep Boys president and CEO Mike Odell explained that acquiring the My Mechanic centers in the region allows his company to “leverage the existing inventory, distribution and advertising” that the firm currently uses.The expansion could mean big things for unemployed workers in the area. Recently, as many as 2,000 workers have been laid off as NASA ended its shuttle program in the region. However, with more stores being established in the area, the unemployment rate could dwindle, potentially leading to increased property sales.Courtesy of 2M Realty News

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