Houston well behind country’s leader in terms of walkability

Houston did not rank highly on a recent list of the country's most walkable cities.A recent report conducted by Walk Score determined the most walkable cities in the country, based upon a number of factors.New York was deemed the best in class, receiving a score of 85 percent, followed by San Francisco at 84 percent. Of the 50 cities surveyed, Houston ranked 23rd with a score of 50 percent.A recent article from 88.7 KUHF-FM News explained that weather could have been a factor regarding Houston's walkability rating. However, one official close to the report stated that weather had little to do with the survey's results. “You know it’s funny, weather matters less than people think,” said Matt Lerner, CTO at Walk Score. “For example, you have cities like Minneapolis, which is a very cold city, but yet you see a lot of people walking and biking. What we've found at walk score is that the most important determining factor in terms of whether people walk, is whether you're close to the kinds of things that people want to walk to on a daily basis.”Lerner further relayed that a good Walk Score result can boost a region's real estate sales. In fact, he told the news source that one point of the score can be worth up to $3,000. Thus, the Houston real estate sector could improve if the city makes changes to make the area more walkable.Courtesy of 2M Realty News

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