Contractors looking at Washington, Texas to build new homes

Constructors are looking at Washington and Texas as good places to build new homes.A recent article from National Public Radio explained that Washington and Texas are among the most sought-after states for homebuilders to erect new properties.Speaking with Seattle-based real estate appraiser Richard Hagar, the report states developers have looked at the regions based upon their population trends during the last several years.”They told me that they'd only consider building in Washington or Texas right now because of the steady population growth in both states,” Hagar told the news source.Hagar further explained that Washington's population has continued to grow considerably for a prolonged period of time, faster than several parts of the country.Nationally, new home sales have struggled, leading to less work for homebuilders, as they are unable to compete with the discounted prices of foreclosed homes on the market. However, in markets with promising populations, this trend doesn't appear to be the case.Property sales in the Houston real estate market have continued to show significant progress during the last several months. With a steady job sector and affordable prices, Houston may soon see more new homes being built and sold, based upon Hagar's comments.Courtesy of 2M Realty News

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