Homeownership still part of the American Dream for many

Owning a home remains part of the American Dream for many.According to a recent survey conducted by an online real estate company, owning a home remains a priority for many consumers who still consider it part of the American Dream.More than 2,000 adults over the age of 18 responded to the company's survey, 70 percent of whom claim homeownership is part of achieving their personal dream. This percentage is unchanged from a similar poll taken in January, despite the continued overall struggles of the national real estate market and economic strife experienced so far in 2011.The survey also discovered that 57 percent of current homeowners claim owning a property is the best long-term investment they could have made, ahead of contributing money to retirement accounts and 401(k) plans.Furthermore, 80 percent of respondents relayed their plans to purchase another home in the future, 69 percent of whom were adults over the age of 55.The lowest percentage of optimism regarding homeownership was among adults between ages 18 and 34, with 24 percent stating their American Dream does not include owning a property.Consumers in the South may regard homeownership as a priority, as the Houston real estate market recorded another stellar month in terms of sales and price increases during August, the Houston Association of Realtors recently reported.Courtesy of 2M Realty News

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