Houston near top of list for worst traffic in Texas

Houston is at the top of the list for longest traffic delays in the state.Although the city of Houston has much to offer, such as stable property values and a booming economy,? it also has some of the most congested highways in the Lone Star State.According to a report from the Texas Department of Transportation, Houston, along with the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is at the top of the list for longest traffic delays in the state.”Results from this annual study validate our approach to moving aggressively with our priority projects in Texas to address congestion and help Texans get to and from work and help them easily and safely move around our great state,” said Texas Department of Transportation executive director Phil Wilson.However, this should not deter households from investing in Houston real estate, as property values have been some of the strongest following the national real estate bubble burst.For those who are concerned about their commute if they move to Houston, there may be a few ways to curb this issue from the get-go. For example, utilizing the city's public transportation system or carpooling with colleagues are both viable options.?? Real Estate News brought to you by 2M Realty, a true expert in the online real estate market.

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