Houstonians get hands-on home building, remodeling experience

Houston residents can get a feel for new home designs.Many consumers in the Houston area want to build a home or remodel the property they currently own. However, some may be afraid to commit to a certain theme, style or layout because they don't know how the project with ultimately pan out.These people can kiss their cold feet goodbye, as a new company called MainStreet America, located outside of Houston, allows consumers to check out the end results of home remodeling and building projects.???The facility currently has 12 separate properties that are constantly updated and changed to meet new home design trends. Guests can view completed projects and well as those in progress.?”One of the unique highlights of the park is that guests can access instant information on desired products in each showcase home through their use of our specially designed, hand-held Technological Education Device we call TED,” said MainStreet America founder and CEO Michael Feigin.By using TED, consumers can scan barcodes located near certain projects. This device shows individuals the steps to completing a project, including needed materials, different variations, cost and average time for completion.? Real Estate News brought to you by 2M Realty, a true expert in the online real estate market.

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