Relaxed zoning laws contribute to Houston real estate success

Many local developers have had smart real estate practices in recent years.Whether it's the real estate market or the local economy, Houston is growing quickly, and the majority of this expansion is believed to be the result of a strengthening energy industry.However, some areas of Houston real estate have thrived more than others in recent years, the New York Times reports. One such area is in the Woodlands, located 27 miles south of the city's downtown area.”Houston is clearly a growth leader,” Walter Page, director of office research at Property and Portfolio Research, told the newspaper. “It was the first major economy in the U.S. to register more jobs than it lost in the recession.”One key indicator contributing to the area's real estate growth is a lack of zoning laws, the report said. Houston has much more relaxed standards than many other metropolitan areas, which gives real estate developers basically anything they want wherever they want within the city's limits.??It should be noted that although developers have this freedom, many of them have had smart real estate practices in recent years, which have contributed to the sector's success.??? Real Estate News brought to you by 2M Realty, a true expert in the online real estate market.

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