Texans well pleased with insurers

Texans appear to be overwhelmingly satisfied with insurers that operate in the state.Though few relish the idea of reaching out to their insurance provider, when they do, many owners of Houston homes couldn’t be happier with the services rendered, a new survey finds.According to the Insurance Council of Texas, a considerable percentage of Texans are highly content with their insurance providers, particularly those that deal with their residential properties.ICT discovered this after surveying 800 registered voters throughout the Lone Star State, asking them various questions about their overall satisfaction with their insurance carriers. For example, when respondents were asked if their insurer was helpful and responsive the last time they had to get in touch with them, nearly 95 percent of homeowners said yes.There was also widespread agreement about being fairly treated, as more than eight in every 10 said that their dealings were even-handed and just.”We certainly didn’t expect policyholders to be excited about paying insurance premiums, but we learned that most have done their homework when considering their coverage and preparing for the future,” said Mark Hanna, ICT spokesman. “Most importantly, the survey showed?consumers have confidence in their insurance companies.”As a general rule, most lenders require prospective homeowners to obtain a home insurance policy prior to approving a mortgage request.
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