Northeast witnesses mass exodus in 2012

The Northeast saw a lot of people leave last year for other parts of the country.One of the most densely populated regions of the country is the Northeast and the Atlantic seaboard, largely thanks to its adjacency?to the coastline and major metropolitan areas,?such as?Philadelphia and New York.But according to a recent report on the moving trends of Americans, many people last year left this part of the country and headed to western and southerly climes.In a new report published by moving and relocation firm United Van Lines, New Jersey, Maine, New York and Connecticut, had a high rate of people moving out of state. In fact, the Northeast was the most well-represented region of the country?with outbound traffic.Those who moved decided that Southern and Western living was best for them, specifically Oregon and Nevada. North and South Carolina also had high volume levels for new arrivals.”While big states such as California, Texas and Florida have more total moves than other states because of their sheer size, other high inbound states such as Washington, D.C., Oregon and the Carolinas may be attractive places to move because of their lower housing costs, more temperate climate, diversified and growing economies,” Michael Stoll, economist and professor at the Department of Public Policy at the University of California.Indeed, Houston homes and the surrounding environs witnessed a surge in population last year. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Texas was the third fastest-growing state last year from July 2011 to July 2012. The largest percentage change was in North Dakota, with a 2.1 percent change in population over the same 12-month stretch.
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