Country’s largest residence resumes construction

Florida has what is believed to be the largest home in the country.For Houston residents with deep pockets, a housing project in Florida may give them an idea of the type of property they'd like to have built for them in the Lone Star State.According to NBC News, developers have recommenced construction on what is believed to be the largest home in the U.S. – a 90,000-square-foot mansion located in Windermere, which boasts a 30-car garage, 10 bathrooms, a roller skating rink, three pools, two tennis courts and a bowling alley.The news source notes that the economic crisis and foreclosure fallout of the housing collapse forced the homeowner, business magnate David Siegel, to put a pause on its construction. But an improved marketplace has allowed?production to continue.”We never set out to build the biggest house in America,” Jackie Siegel, the Miami mogul's wife, told NBC News' “Today.” “It just kinda happened.”Once they move into the new residence, it will be a step-up from their previous digs that weren't quite as spacious at 26,000-square-feet, NBC reports.The Houston real estate scene already has its fair share of luxury homes. Recent data from the Census Bureau shows that Texas' largest city has the fifth-largest concentration of upper-income homeowners in the U.S.
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