Survey: Homeowners place high priority on energy efficiency

Energy concerns are apparent for many homeowners based on buying preferences.A new report indicates that many homeowners are trading in lavish amenities for features that they'll put to better use, particularly as they relate to conserving energy.According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, it appears that the rocky economic climate may be having an effect on what homeowners want to add to their properties. For example, NAHB found that more consumers are interested in Energy Star appliances, which can shave hundreds of dollars off of utility bills in the average year. They're also out to improve?the efficiency of their laundry rooms, a portion of the house that requires a lot of energy to power the washing machine and dryer.Meanwhile, they're largely spurning additions that tend to be found only in luxury-style homes. NAHB says that golf course homes and elevators have lost favor among many homeowners.More than anything else, the study found that today's residential property owners want to heighten their home's efficiency by utilizing appliances that require less electricity.According to efficiency management and software provider EnergySavvy, more than half of residences in Texas, which includes Houston homes, were built before 1980. Since then, builders have used materials in home construction projects that help homeowners better conserve energy.
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