Location major factor for prospective homebuyers

Homeowners will often choose to live in a neighborhood based on how close it is to their work by car.When it comes to deciding where to buy a house, a key selling point is its?proximity to the office or workplace in general, a new study indicates.According to a recent biennial survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, roughly one-third of respondents indicated that how close their home was to their place of employment was the most significant factor they took into consideration before settling on a place in which to live.David Crowe, chief economist at NAHB, indicated that in addition to proximity to work, home prices were also a major issue buyers weighed before reaching a conclusion on the best place to relocate to.He added that thanks to the improved housing marketplace, prospective homeowners have an abundance of places they can choose from.”The housing market is strengthening in most areas of the country, and home builders are eager to help buyers achieve or further their homeownership goals,” said Crowe.Houston homes are ideal for people who?drive to work. According to the Department of Transportation, there are about 9.5 miles worth of road for every 10,000 people, making Houston one of the best places for individuals looking to get to the jobsite via an alternative route.
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