Mortgage delinquencies move lower in January

Mortgage delinquency levels edged lower in January.A new report suggests that many of today's homeowners are doing better with their mortgage expenses.According to Lender Processing Services, the total U.S. loan delinquency rate fell to 7 percent in January, down from 9 percent in December and from 8.3 percent during the same month in 2012. The delinquency rate refers to home loans where the payment is more than 30 days past due and the property is not in foreclosure.From a standpoint of raw numbers, approximately 3.5 million properties are delinquent by one month or more, with 1.5 million properties whose homeowners are in arrears by 90 days or more.Florida, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada and New York, have the highest rate of loans that are non-current, while Montana, Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota has the lowest percentage, according to LPS.Were metropolitan areas detailed in LPS' analysis, the Houston real estate picture may have been on the latter list. Delinquencies were fairly infrequent in January for Houston homeowners, evidenced by a 12 percent decline in foreclosure property sales. The average price of a foreclosed home in Houston in January was $81,074.
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