Workplace injuries, illnesses drop in Texas

Texans required fewer days away from the workplace in 2011 due to injury.Fewer people in Texas had to call out of work for an extended period due to sustaining an injury while on the job site, a new report confirms.According to the Texas Department of Insurance, based on recent numbers collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees – many of them homeowners in the Houston real estate market?- experienced an incident rate of approximately 79 injuries and illnesses involving days away from work per 10,000 full-time employees.This total is based on 2011 figures, the latest year for which data is available, and is down from 79.5 days in 2010 and 81.2 days in 2009.The report also included the median number of days employees needed to be away from work after an injury, which was nine, on par with totals from the previous two years.Both the incident rate and the days away from work in Texas is below the national average, TDI noted.Texas also boasts a stronger unemployment rate than the national average. BLS data shows that the Lone Star State had a jobless rate of 6.4 percent in February, more than one full percentage point lower than the U.S. average?of 7.7 percent.
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