Minneapolis deemed hub of U.S for parks

A new report says that Minneapolis is the ideal city for those seeking out plenty of space devoted to recreation.When it comes to which city has the best parks and recreation for residents to enjoy, Minneapolis takes top billing, a new report finds.According to recent analysis conducted by nonprofit organization The Trust for Public Land, Minneapolis has the best assortment of parks in the country after receiving a perfect score in its ParkScore index assessment. The ratings were based on how accessible parks were, how closely people lived to them?and the amount of city land devoted to park services.Mark Dayton, the state's governor, noted that outdoor living spaces are a key component of Minnesota life.”In our cities, we rely upon our parks for individual recreation, family outings, and community activities,” said Dayton. “I congratulate Minneapolis upon receiving this national recognition for providing our country's best park system.”Not to be outdone are the variety of parks that are within walking distance of many Houston homes. According to city data, there are more than 37,800 acres of land area?dedicated to parks and green space in Texas' largest metro.
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