Fewer serious delinquencies benefits housing market

Delinquencies drop in June.More homeowners in the Houston real estate market likely made on-time mortgage payments in June, with the serious delinquency rate of first-time home loans dropping to a five-year low.?The balance of mortgages that are 90 days past due or in foreclosure fell to?$325 billion in June, down more than 27 percent from the same time a year ago when the balance stood at $450 billion, the latest Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends Report revealed.?”Rising home values are reducing the incentives for homeowners to default on their mortgage loans, resulting in more and more homeowners transitioning into positive or near-positive equity territory,” said Equifax chief economist Amy Crews Cutts.Another factor that probably contributed to fewer delinquencies is the improving employment situation. July proved to be another strong?month, with the private sector adding 200,000 new jobs, up from 198,000 positions in the previous month, according to the ADP National Employment Report.?As consumer conditions continue to get better, delinquencies are likely going to decline further.?Real Estate News brought to you by 2M Realty, a true expert in the online real estate market.

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