Apartment renters survey turns up important facts about economy at large

Jobs are the top reason people are looking for a new place to live.In what may be considered big news for both the Houston property market and that of the nation at large, Apartments.com announced Tuesday that almost 30 percent of those looking for a new apartment were doing so because of a job opportunity.

Vice president of project management Chris Brown said apartment prices are set to go up.

"Many management companies have announced rent increases and we're starting to see this reflected in the rents advertised on our site. As vacancy rates continue to drop and the rental market improves, we expect to see the upward trend grow. Deals can still be had, but they're getting harder to find," he said.

In addition to those findings, Apartments.com said its survey revealed that many prospective renters used a number of different search methods, both online and off, to find properties that appealed to them.

Both apartment and home prices in Houston, then, may be ready to rise, so sooner might be a better time than later to look for a new housing situation, experts say.


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