Home Inspections / Hiring a Qualified Home Inspector

Once your offer has been accepted on the home you would like to purchase one of the things that is suggested is for you to get a home inspection. What is a home inspection? Well, one of the best ways to understand the property’s condition is to hire a qualified home inspector. It is recommended you contact and interview at least two to three different home inspectors in order to find one that will meet your individual needs.  Inspectors are familiar with the building codes and will help look for flaws in the home your are purchasing.

The following are some important questions to ask before making your final selection;

  1. How long have you been in the home inspection business?
  2. What are your qualifications?
  3. Are you a member of any inspection organization or association?
  4. How many resale home inspections have you completed?
  5. If I hired you today, when would you be available to complete my inspection?
  6. What will the inspection cover?
  7. How long is your average inspection and how long after it’s completed will I receive my report?
  8. How much will the inspection cost?
  9. May I attend my inspection? May my real estate agent also attend?
  10. Do you provide estimates for repairs and improvements?
  11. Can I contact you post-inspection for any questions?

These are just a few questions and you may have more but hopefully this will help you when it is your time to need a home inspection.

Talk to you soon, Patti


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