Economic stress index slightly above state average in Houston

Houston real estate could be affected by economic stressThe Associated Press' measurement of economic stress for the Houston area is slightly higher than the statewide average for Texas, but conditions are still better than in many areas of the country.

Last year saw a decrease in economic stress for all states except for Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Utah and Nevada, the AP said. The latter state, particularly, was still far and away the most troubled by economic conditions, with an index of 22.56, more than twice as high as Texas' 9.45.

Harris County posted a 10.02 mark in December, which represents a decline of 0.25 since the previous month, according to the AP, and unemployment in the area sank by 0.3 points to 8.3 percent. Foreclosures, however, rose slightly month-to-month, up 0.03 percent to 1.27 percent.

While the gains have been slow for economic conditions in the Houston area, they have been no less real for that, and the market for Houston homes continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise murky outlook across the U.S., according to analysts.

Looking to Relocate To Texas?

Houston, Texas and its surrounding area has seen a slight decline in sales and home prices but compared to other cities across the country our great town of Houston is doing well.  There are lots of places to visit such as the Space Center, The Aquarium both in downtown Houston, and Kemah. The Houston Zoo. There is also Moody Gardens in Galveston and many other spectacular eating places.

Houston is the workplace for many hospitals and medical research facilities along with the oil and gas industry and Space center facilities.

If you would like more information regarding Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Lake Conroe please feel free to email me at (patti null@null PattiMace


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