Should you Rent or Buy

 I was just reading an excerpt that gave reasons why a person should rent instead of buying a home.   I agree with this statement to rent only for people first starting out in a new job or a new relationship.  But realistically renting is like throwing your money away because you see no return on the money you pay out every month. 

The United States tax policy rewards house buyers who borrow, not renters.  The “dream of homeownership” gives hope and the goal of a future endeavor.  When couples first wed they dream of starting a family and that dream of owning their first home.

 I find it amazing that anyone would suggest that people should rent instead of ever buying, he must be an investor making money off people who are renting.  It takes a special set of people to go out on the limb and purchase the property for others to rent.

 I would like to hear what your thoughts are on whether it is time to Rent or Purchase a home.  Whether you choose to rent or purchase a home I will be glad to assist you in your housing needs (http://www NULL.PattiMace


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