Home prices in America changing, but general trend is good

Fewer of these signs being seen in U.S.Several years after the onset of the economic downturn prompted by a housing crash, that market sector may be in the process of recovering value, according to a study from analysis firm CoreLogic.

That company's state-by-state data show that Idaho homes are losing value more quickly than the rest of the nation, down more than 10 percent in 2010 even without taking distressed home sales into account. On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii posted a 6.15 percent gain in value according to the same metric, though North Dakota takes the top spot if distressed sales are included.

For Houston homes, the news from CoreLogic is generally good, as single-family home prices saw a minor upward shift of 1.8 percent including distressed sales, or 0.51 percent if they were excluded.

The company said that the national trend, despite the wide variation, evened out almost completely, though this does mark a halt to the sliding values that have been seen in recent years. Keeping track of variations by area could let astute homeowners get a better deal than they may have otherwise.


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