Report: Houston property market boosted by housing starts and job growth

More jobs means better prospects for Houston real estateSeveral factors point to a continuation of the gradual economic recovery in the Houston area, according to a report from MetroStudy, including positive job growth numbers and improving housing starts.

David Jarvis, director of MetroStudy's Houston division, said these gains can be attributed in part to the region's public policy, which differentiate the area from many others across the country.

"The Houston market continues to face fewer market obstacles than most U.S. markets. Texas's pro-growth policies and business friendly environment will continue to benefit local housing markets and allow for 2011 to show moderate growth," he said.

The first new increase in housing starts since the recession was seen in 2010, MetroStudy reported, a 1.1 percent rise over 2009 figures, as well as a small increase – 13,000 – in the number of available jobs, though the previous year's losses were still much larger, topping out at more than 100,000.

Staying abreast of general economic development is important for both businesses expecting to be involved in Houston's property market and prospective homeowners, experts say.


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